pronounced grak-ul-stoog


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Population: 10,000 duergar, 2,000 derro, 50 stone giants, and an unknown number of slaves (quaggoths, grimlocks, orcs, shield dwarves, svirfneblin, and a few kobolds and goblinoids)
Government: Absolute monarchy
Defense: Large standing army with specialized corps; every duergar is trained for battle and the citizens of the city create a formidable militia
Commerce: Weapons and armor of high quality
Organizations: Stone Guards, Clan Cairngorm



The cavern housing Gracklstugh is split in two by a rift called Laduguer’s Furrow, after the duergar patron god. The north half comprises Northfurrow District, where common workers and the clans devoted to minor crafts make their home, and Darklake District, open to foreigners and where the city’s merchants engage in trade with visitors. As befits a major settlement in a dangerous realm, Gracklstugh places no restrictions on the weapons or gear characters can carry or trade.
Twelve stone bridges lead to Southfurrow District, and then farther south to Flowstone District. These boroughs are reserved for the more prestigious clans and the largest smelters and forges.

Darklake District

The Darklake District gives an illusion of openness. The streets are relatively wide to allow for merchant carts and wagons to pass, and the buildings aren’t as crowded around stalagmites as in the southern districts. Openness doesn’t mean welcoming, however. The duergar who ply their trades here are wary of all the foreigners confined by law to this part of the city.

Darklake Docks

To the city’s north lie the Darklake docks. There are a variety of piers made from zurkhwood, stone, and plain rock jutting out along the edge of the cavern.

Blade Bazaar

This marketplace is named after the most abundant goods the duergar offer, but the shops here sell almost everything available in the city, along with stalls set up by visiting merchants. The din of people arguing, mostly in Dwarvish, nearly drowns out the hammering coming from the city’s forges, and the crowds here offer a good chance to slip away from pursuers.

Overlake Hold

Dunglorrin Torune, which translates as Overlake Hold, is a fortress and temple dedicated to Laduguer carved into the hart of a massive stalagmite on the shore of the Darklake.

Ghohlbrorn’s Lair

This inn is the only establishment in Gracklstugh that accepts non-duergar guests. “Ghohlbrorn” means “bulette” in Dwarvish, and the inn is built inside a small cavern complex beneath the Blade Bazaar at the northern end of the Darklake District. Its halls are cold and damp. A central chamber serves as a dining room, branching out into different small, twisting halls along which the rooms are excavated. It’s dark, cramped, and uncomfortable, but safe and defensible.

Laduguer’s Furrow

Long ago, an earthquake split the cavern that houses Gracklstugh, leaving a rift nearly two hundred feet deep and five hundred feet wide. Laduguer’s Furrow has a packed-gravel floor and extends roughly a quarter mile beyond the natural walls of the city in both directions. Each end of the rift has a steeply sloping floor, carved with a set of stairs and a wide ramp for both pedestrians and wagons.
The chasm is Gracklstugh’s main residential zone, with homes built on the top part of its north and south sides. Outsiders are normally forbidden from this area.

West Cleft District

West of Laduguer’s Furrow gates are areas that serve as home to Gracklstugh’s unwanted derro population. The West Cleft District was the original abode for the city’s derro slaves and remains a dark and dangerous ghetto. The homes of the derro are mostly burrows carved into the walls and simple structures piled atop one another. The dirty and cluttered streets of the district formed as dwellings spread and came together, and not as a product of planning.

The district also contains the entrance to the Whorlstone Tunnels.

Cairngorm Cavern

A long tunnel opens in Southfurrow District, extending several hundred feet and into the home of the stone giants of Clan Cairngorm. The tribe is named after the ancient oath of fealty their ancestors swore to the bearers of the Cairngorm Crown, the traditional regalia of Deepkingdom monarchs. The giants lead simple, uncomplicated lives and their dwellings reflect this.


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