Out of the Abyss

Taken prisoner

The PCs discovered they were taken prisoner by Ilvara Mizzrym. Turns out, they were not alone. Ten others were taken prisoner:

  1. Buppido
  2. Prince Derendil
  3. Eldeth Feldrun
  4. Jimjar
  5. Ront
  6. Sarith Kzekarit
  7. Shuushar the Awakened
  8. Stool
  9. Topsy
  10. Turvy

The party escaped their cell when some demons came in, distracting the guards.

Escaping Velkynvelve

The party finishes their escape from Velkynvelve and heads for Sloobludop, mostly because it is the closest place of refuge.

The party came across a group of orc raiders. Crowfeeder mediated and managed to avoid combat. Ront left with them, convinced of glory in attacking the drow heavy on the party’s heels.

Traveling to Sloobludop part 1

The party is still traveling to Sloobludop.

A mad stone giant woke them up and played around with them, toying with them but did tell them about a grove of barrelstalk fungi about an hour away. The next day, the party found the barrelstalks and took time to harvest. Later, they came across a boneyard. Skeletons arose when the party disturbed it and Shuushar the Awakened died.

Traveling to Sloobludop part 2

The party come across a pair of drow who do not speak. They seem to comprehend the party, but something is preventing them from speaking. The party asks Stool to “juice it up” in order to communicate telepathically, but instead, everyone just hears mad screams. The screaming is too much for poor Stool who falls unconscious.

Ilvara Mizzrym and her crew of drow catch up to the party, attempt to recapture them but are thwarted by a lava swell.

Later, the party encounter a carrion crawler who takes a few party members down with it when a sinkhole opens up.

Finally, the party gets close to Sloobludop and is met by a party of kuo-toa. A strange stand-off at first, but then they try to capture the party, nearly running off with Stool before being beaten back and running the last few off.

R.I.P. Sloobludop
or how the party arrived and left Sloobludop

The party encounter another group of kuo-toa, this time they aren’t looking to pick a fight. Ploopploopeen is glad to run into the party because he needs some help. Inhabitants of Sloobludop have lived in harmonious service to the will of the Sea Mother for some time. There were occasional “visionaries” who stirred up trouble, like Shuushar the Awakened, but nothing of great concern. A few weeks ago, Bloppblippodd experienced a powerful vision of Leemooggoogon the Deep Father, proclaiming him the new god of her people. She has backed up her claims with a great increase in her magical power, and new followers have flocked to her.

TODO – finish story of the destruction of Sloobludop


Duergar fort part 2

The party took some time after the battle in the hall to take stock in what happened once the fight was over:

The party, wiped out from the fight, took a long rest in the hall and keeping an eye on the two sets of stairs. The next morning, they went downstairs to find:

  • two of Hemeth‘s former business partners’ bodies were stashed in the WC
  • a hallway closet with animated armor guarding the storage room
  • eight more kobolds took defensive positions in their barracks
  • a carrion crawler locked in the kitchen
  • a pair of helmed horrors guarding the brig with two fresh(ish) bodies: a kuo-toa and a drow
  • a sculpture of Tiamat that didn’t take kindly to being picked up, spraying acid, cold, fire, lightning, and poison at Leona
Defeating Murk
we could live here

The party decided to take on the four animated armor in the hallway storage closet and perhaps turn them into functional armor. They were able to salvage two of them, making some nice armor for Harbeck and <someone>.

The party also went back upstairs to check the four corner towers for more weapons and supplies.

Something about the helmed horrors.

Finally, the party decided to take on Murk after much debate. They found a secret passage leading down below the second level to a cave at water level. What looked like a pond was actually connected to the lake outside, and Murk was waiting. A few kobolds were also down here.

A voice is calling

Starting with Gerald, the party begins hearing a female voice call out to them.

Hello? Is someone there … ? Oh please, I need your help! I have been trapped in the dark for so long … so very long. Please, won’t you help to free me?

The voice is accompanied by an impression of the direction and distance to the voice. May only be a two or three hour journey away. The PCs take one of the boats to investigate the voice.

TODO – finish first part of story to the lost tomb


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