Out of the Abyss

Splitting the Party
Who knew the sun was that bright

The party discovers the portal has taken them into a swamp and their best guess is that it’s the Evermoors. They plan on traveling west until they hit River Surbrin. That will take them into the Dessarin Valley where they can head to Triboar. Since Triboar is on the Long Road, they decide to stick together until then. After that, the party agrees to meet back in Triboar in a year, and goes there separate ways.

Forging an Alliance

After receiving the charge from King Bruenor, the party begins to talk and negotiate with the faction leaders to support their cause.

  • Lord Zelraun Roaringhorn, the representative of The Harpers, offered Percival, a shield guardian.
  • Sir Lanniver Strayl, the representative of The Order of the Gauntlet, offered 5 human members of the order (2 veterans, 2 knights, 1 priest) and a +1 warhammer.
  • Morista Malkin, the representative of The Emerald Enclave, offered 3 shield dwarf scouts and a giant lizard mount for each enclave scout and PC.
  • Lord Eravien Haund, the representative of The Lords’ Alliance, offered 5 dwarf guards from Mirabar and 3 human spies from Yartar.
  • Davra Jassur, the representative of The Zhentarim, offered 8 thugs, escort to Mantol Derith, and aid from Ghazrim DuLoc to get the PCs to Gravenhollow.

Two factions have people missing in the Underdark and would appreciate some aid if the PCs find them:

  • Morista Malkin lost contact with a wood elf named Sladis Vadir who disappeared while on a mission in the Underdark.
  • Lord Eravien Haund has an undercover operative in the Underdark. Khelessa Draga, a high elf from Silverymoon, was sent to spy on the drow over a year ago. Eravien knows that Khelessa uses magic to disguise herself as a dark elf and warns the PCs not to attack any drow they encounter until they can confirm the target isn’t Khelessa in disguise.

And one faction leader asked for something in exchange of their support:

  • Davra requested a magic item and a full report of what happens in the Underdark, second to only King Bruenor being informed.
Back into the Underdark
To Mantol Derith

The party finished their preparations

  • riding lessons
  • gathering provisions
  • send-off party
  • arranging marching order

The journey to the entrance to the Underdark was about 8 days and took them to the Surbrin Hills. Once there, they found a cave entrance to guarded by 6 Zentharim members. After Nero spoke with them and showed them some paperwork they allowed the caravan to proceed.

After 3 days of travel, they came across the head of a purple worm apparently attacked by oozes.

A day after that they came across some goblins where some of them had extra eyes.

On day 5 they encountered a pair of Chasme & Barlgura demons.


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