Out of the Abyss

Back into the Tunnels

Once more unto the breach

The party decided to go back down into the Whorlstone Tunnels and tried to follow Droki’s path best they could, according to the limited information provided to them by the xorn.

  • They went down the fungal forrest and continued on straight, past the T-intersection. The tunnel went on for a while then took a gentle U-turn to the left and came across a T-intersection (straight or right).
  • They went right and the tunnel went on for a hundred feet when it hit another T-intersection (straight or left).


  • They went left into a series of smaller tunnels. Two T-intersections later, they came across a sentient giant spider with a pair of other spiders. After defeating them, the party discovered three desiccated derro corpses.
  • A narrow tunnel lead to a fungal garden, complete with fertilizer. The party nearly vomited at the stench. There were crates of harvested fungi and the party took one of the 50-pound crates.
  • An attached room housed the farmers’ lab and sleeping quarters but nobody was home. They scrounged around the lab to create:
    • one herbalism kit
    • one poisoner’s kit
    • two healer’s kits
  • The party left out a proper doorway and ran into another T-intersection (straight or right).


  • They went right and the tunnel went on for a while, with a gentle bend to the right. The chamber splits into two paths surrounding a large pool, filled by water trickling from stalactites along the ceiling. The left path forms a ramp above the pool’s surface, while the right path runs level with the water and continues into a tunnel opening (going under the left path). The water turns darker toward the center of the pool, where it transforms from a gentle swirl into a churning vortex. The party takes the left path, upward and around the pool of water when the water rises. It doesn’t flood the right, lower path but instead rises like a column of water, raising a water weird up to their level. They fend off the water weird and continue through the tunnel to, you guessed it, another T-intersection (straight or left).
  • They went left and after a hundred feet the floor was covered in fungi. They noticed a small crack in the wall to their left (another T-intersection) and decided to eat the pygmywort mushroom again and travel through the narrow tunnel.
  • They followed the narrow tunnel for nearly 30 minutes coming across three T-intersections (straight, then left, then straight again) where the narrow tunnel eventually opened up into a large chamber.


The light of campfires shows a natural platform where four derro are droning a cacophonous chant. A two-headed dog stirs inside a cage, while another derro nearby plays with a crossbow and watches the dog nervously.

A green glow rises suddenly from a magic circle at the center of the platform, where a small humanoid statue is the focus of the chanting ritual. As you watch, a lump sprouts from the statue’s neck, enlarging and reshaping itself with each unholy verse to take the form of a second head.

The derro’s chanting is punctuated with Narrak (the leader) calling out the name “Demogorgon!” The derro eventually notice the parth and combat begins. The party begins to flow out from the tunnel and gets hit by a lightning bolt. They spread out a bit when the two-headed dog breaks out of his cage and attacks the nearby derro, killing him. The party begins attacking the derro when Narrak turns towards the back of the platform and calls for his bodyguard, Grula-Munga. A female ettin stands up and moves towards the front of the platform and stands tall next to Narrak. A little while later, Grula-Munga lets out a terrifying scream, something the party hasn’t heard since Sloobludop. It’s as if Demogorgon himself was in the chamber and it drove Chen to madness.

One by one, the derro fell until only Grula-Munga remained. She too fell and it seems the party has discovered where those toenail clippings were destined for.


But Chen can’t go insane. He’s the smartest, strongest, best looking, and ablest of the PCs. Oh, wait…. :)

Back into the Tunnels

Technically the last standing combatant was the two-headed dog. Grula-Munga died the round before Issander killed the dog.

Back into the Tunnels
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