Out of the Abyss

Traveling to Sloobludop part 2

The party come across a pair of drow who do not speak. They seem to comprehend the party, but something is preventing them from speaking. The party asks Stool to “juice it up” in order to communicate telepathically, but instead, everyone just hears mad screams. The screaming is too much for poor Stool who falls unconscious.

Ilvara Mizzrym and her crew of drow catch up to the party, attempt to recapture them but are thwarted by a lava swell.

Later, the party encounter a carrion crawler who takes a few party members down with it when a sinkhole opens up.

Finally, the party gets close to Sloobludop and is met by a party of kuo-toa. A strange stand-off at first, but then they try to capture the party, nearly running off with Stool before being beaten back and running the last few off.


kaelad kaelad

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