Out of the Abyss

Goodbye Crowfeeder

Hello Issander

The party was held in the Overlake Hold for quite a while and its getting late. Time to look for the Ghohlbrorn’s Lair they heard about. But first, the boats are parked far away on the eastern side of town. They do a little scouting closer to the Blade Bazaar and where the inn is located and secure a docking spot for 3sp per day per boat. Leona stays behind to gather information while the rest of the PCs go move the boats. Unfortunately for Leona, most of the talk at the docks is in undercommon and she doesn’t understand it. However, she does see a merchant walk up to a Stone Guard and start talking. During the conversation, seemingly out of nowhere, the merchant started yelling and screaming at the guard something fierce. He may have even made a death threat. Then the merchant just stopped talking and walked away. Hmm… strange.

The party moved the boats and proceeded to the Ghohlbrorn’s Lair, the only inn for outsiders. The inn is underground, so the party move down a spiral staircase, leading into the common room that serves as a dining room. There was a group of orcs at one table, a group of humans and elves at another. The majority of the PCs sat down at a third, empty table. Crowfeeder went over to the table of orcs.

The orcs looked a bit preoccupied. A few days ago, they discovered something disturbing in the underdark: three Tanarukks. They already lost one fellow comrade and narrowly escaped, finally making their way to Gracklstugh. They normally play the role of pirates on the Darklake, taking pleasure in “upgrading” their boat whenever possible, but the discovery of the Tanarukks have left them shaken. Crowfeeder has seen his fare share of demonic power recently in the Underdark and feels duty bound to destroy the abominations. After a test of strength, showing his prowess against their second in command, they welcome him into the group. Crowfeeder informs the rest of the party about his decision to leave them, and out of respect, Harbeck makes sure that he leaves with his fair share of the treasure.

TODO – introduction of Issander

TODO – first day looking for Droki


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