Fireball Trap Chalk

Wonderous item, rare

Trap Chalk appears to be a normal stick of colored chalk, with the color varying based upon its enchantment. Any intelligent creature capable of manipulating chalk can use Trap Chalk. A single stick of Trap Chalk contains enough chalk to cover a ten foot by ten foot square area in a magical trap effect. The user can reduce the trapped area to as small as one foot square if desired, but the entire stick must still be used in that process to be effective.

The user spends ten minutes chalking the desired area to be affected, being careful not to draw herself into a corner. Once the last of the chalk is used the chalk magically conceals itself and activates. The chalk’s concealment is not perfect, as a bit of a shimmer can be noticed by observant individuals. Spotting the presence of activated Trap Chalk requires a successful Wisdom (Perception) check determined by the level of the spell.

The trigger area is a cube or cylinder matching the dimensions initially drawn. Thus a ten foot by ten foot area chalked on a floor would have a trigger area that extends ten feet above the drawing making an area of effect that is a ten foot cube. A five foot by five foot area chalked on a wall would have a trigger area that extends five feet horizontally out from the chalked area on the wall. The next creature to pass through the trigger area triggers the spell effect and becomes the target of any individual effect or the center of any area effect spell thus triggered.

The chalk can be enchanted to contain any spell on the Sorcerer’s spell list. The level of the spell determines the DC required to spot the chalk, the spell’s saving throw DC and attack bonus, and the rarity of the Trap Chalk. Fireball trap chalk has a Detect and Save DC of 15.

Fireball Trap Chalk

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