An unusual magical energy the drow call faerzress pervades much of the Underdark. The origin of this mysterious arcane power is unknown. Legend claims it is an ancient elven magic dating back to the time when the dark elves were first exiled from the world above.


Areas suffused with faerzress can range in size from a few dozen feet across to several miles in diameter, and feature the following effects.

  • Areas suffused with faerzress are always filled with dim light.
  • When a spell is cast in a faerzress-suffused area, there is a chance it has a chaotic reaction with the spell. The spell may have an addition effect, determined by rolling on the Wild Magic Surge table in chapter 3, “Classes,” of the Player’s Handbook.
  • If a character stays in a faerzress-suffused area for a long time, they will have to roll a saving throw against madness.

Members of the Society of Brilliance are investigating the faerzress and seem interested in trading for knowledge in it. It’s members are as follows:


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