Out of the Abyss

Back into the Underdark
To Mantol Derith

The party finished their preparations

  • riding lessons
  • gathering provisions
  • send-off party
  • arranging marching order

The journey to the entrance to the Underdark was about 8 days and took them to the Surbrin Hills. Once there, they found a cave entrance to guarded by 6 Zentharim members. After Nero spoke with them and showed them some paperwork they allowed the caravan to proceed.

After 3 days of travel, they came across the head of a purple worm apparently attacked by oozes.

A day after that they came across some goblins where some of them had extra eyes.

On day 5 they encountered a pair of Chasme & Barlgura demons.

Forging an Alliance

After receiving the charge from King Bruenor, the party begins to talk and negotiate with the faction leaders to support their cause.

  • Lord Zelraun Roaringhorn, the representative of The Harpers, offered Percival, a shield guardian.
  • Sir Lanniver Strayl, the representative of The Order of the Gauntlet, offered 5 human members of the order (2 veterans, 2 knights, 1 priest) and a +1 warhammer.
  • Morista Malkin, the representative of The Emerald Enclave, offered 3 shield dwarf scouts and a giant lizard mount for each enclave scout and PC.
  • Lord Eravien Haund, the representative of The Lords’ Alliance, offered 5 dwarf guards from Mirabar and 3 human spies from Yartar.
  • Davra Jassur, the representative of The Zhentarim, offered 8 thugs, escort to Mantol Derith, and aid from Ghazrim DuLoc to get the PCs to Gravenhollow.

Two factions have people missing in the Underdark and would appreciate some aid if the PCs find them:

  • Morista Malkin lost contact with a wood elf named Sladis Vadir who disappeared while on a mission in the Underdark.
  • Lord Eravien Haund has an undercover operative in the Underdark. Khelessa Draga, a high elf from Silverymoon, was sent to spy on the drow over a year ago. Eravien knows that Khelessa uses magic to disguise herself as a dark elf and warns the PCs not to attack any drow they encounter until they can confirm the target isn’t Khelessa in disguise.

And one faction leader asked for something in exchange of their support:

  • Davra requested a magic item and a full report of what happens in the Underdark, second to only King Bruenor being informed.
Splitting the Party
Who knew the sun was that bright

The party discovers the portal has taken them into a swamp and their best guess is that it’s the Evermoors. They plan on traveling west until they hit River Surbrin. That will take them into the Dessarin Valley where they can head to Triboar. Since Triboar is on the Long Road, they decide to stick together until then. After that, the party agrees to meet back in Triboar in a year, and goes there separate ways.

Leaving the Underdark

Ilvara Mizzrym may have something to say about that.

Slayed the Medusa
... but Gerald is stoned

Aftermath of ghost encounter

  • Chen was tired and needed to rest after aging 30 years
  • Chen went back to the Foaming Mug and took the ghost’s bones back to the crypt
  • Gerald came back and joined the party

So many drow!

  • The party went up a staircase to the left, just past the lake
  • Staircase up lead to a large room
  • Went into a cave to the right, a large room with 25 drow statues (petrified)
  • In comes a huge dust cloud that begins spinning and pulling up rocks from the ground (Ogremach’s Bane)
  • Ogremach’s Bane slams PCs with rocks and animates the drow statues
  • Ogremach’s Bane leaves the room and seems to disapate

Gerald is stoned

  • party investigates the other cave entrance
  • Alyndra gets excited/anxious/giddy at seeing a drow woman in the room
  • after the party catches up and storms the room, they realize she’s not a drow anymore, but a medusa
  • Issander goes right up to her, conjuring a mirror to reflect her gaze
  • the medusa uses a Tentacle Rod (DMG 208) that’s made of snakes on Issander and hits with all three
  • towards the end of combat, Gerald is caught by the gaze and immediately petrified
  • the party kills the medusa
A Shocking Reunion
Jimjar, you have some 'splainin' to do

The Foaming Mug

The Foaming Mug was built with foreign guests in mind. It has a split bar, with stools at two different heights. Even the tables are of mixed size.

  • greeted by an outgoing proprietress, Tappy Foamstrap
  • Issander pushes Jimjar towards the front who is then slapped by Tappy
  • Jimjar doesn’t want to talk about it
  • Tappy punishes him by not serving him drinks or food, makes him wait
  • Tappy provides free drinks and food
  • party has a good time, feeling relaxed for the first time in a while
  • Issander tells a few stories and entertains the party and the crowd
  • at a nearby table, some miners from the Whiteshell Mines encountered a parade of dancing myconids who told them about a “wedding celebration”

No Oozes Allowed

Alyndra goes back and finds Glabbagool and takes him to Blingdenstone. It is like a toddler, asking so many questions to the point that Alyndra starts answering questions with “because.” When she gets to the entrance, she’s tells them about the ooze but is unable to convince them to allow it entrance. The guard pretends to make a note to ask the higher ups, but Alyndra catches him faking it, so he actually writes it down.

Stones for Kazook

After staying the night at the Foaming Mug, the party makes its way towards the market to deliver the unfinished stones to Kazook Pickshine. On their way, they pass by a temple, staffed by a very junior priest. Harbeck gets the feeling he doesn’t have much formal training and is going off of stories his parents or grandparents told him about.

When they reach the market, two gelatinous cubes attack with one engulfing a svirfneblin guard named Mev Flintknapper. The party is able to defeat the cubes and keep any more svirfneblin from being harmed. They take a quick look around, checking for any other intrusions and to see if they can find where the cubes came from. There’s a collapsed tunnel leading towards the West that seems the most likely place they came from.

Alyndra goes out to the entrance to check on Glabbagool, who is nowhere to be found. She follows its trail another 150-200 feet past the entrance and it ends. There is a crack about 5 feet off the ground, on the side leading towards Blingdenstone, that appears to be where Glabbagool went into.

The party meets Kazook Pickshine, who brings them into the back. He is known as an alchemist, but he has much more equipment for gemcutting. That seems to be his real passion. He confirms that he knows a way out, but cannot divulge that information without the permission of the Diggermattocks. He tells the party these are unfinished spell stones that are mainly used for the cities defense.

Arriving in Blingdenstone
  • Gerald discovers the Pickshine mine and travels into town with them
  • The rest of the party continues on after escaping the ooze-infested area
    • they end up leaving Glabbagool behind
  • The two groups meet up on the road to Blingdenstone
  • Alyndra goes back to find Glabbagool
  • The bulk of the party enters Blingdenstone and is taken to the leaders, Dorbo and Senni Diggermattock
    • told they know a way to the service
    • told they don’t sell, rent, or loan maps
    • told about the troubles resettling Blingdenstone
A Delivery, A Way Out
Off to Blingdenstone

The party left the Whorlstone Tunnels and decided to let the Stonespeaker know about what they found. When they got to Cairngorm Cavern, they were surprised to see nobody was there to greet them. They tried “knocking” but got no response. Leona and Alyndra snuck in to see what was going on. They heard some deep sounds, almost melodic. Turns out the stone giants were in the middle of prayer and they waited for it to be over before sneaking back to the entrance to pretend like they just arrived. They told the Stonespeaker what they found and suggested the stone giants go down and clean the place out to quash any further threat. He thanked the party and gave them a gem for their troubles.

The party made their way back to the Darklake District and to the Shattered Spire, where they would wait for Werz Saltbaron to arrive. They were not that surprised to find Jimjar inside, collecting a bet from those at the table as they came over. They made room and Jimjar filled them in on what had been going on while they were away:

  • the twins seem to leave the boats, but he doesn’t know where they go
  • he’s apparently been busy here in the Shattered Spire, collecting a lot of coin, enough to settle up with Harbeck
  • he saw Ilvara Mizzrym and her crew arrive at the docs

Werz arrived later in the evening and the party went over to speak with him. They informed him that Captain Errde Blackskull told them he knew a way to the surface, but they were a bit disappointed to learn he knows a guy, who knows the way to the surface. He gave the party a sack full of raw gemstones and told them to deliver them to Kazook Pickshine in Blingdenstone. Jimjar recognized the gems as empty spell gems, similar to those used in the defense of Blingdenstone. The party asked Werz about hiring a navigator. Jimjar was confident he could get them to Blingdenstone but they seemed more comfortable having a more experienced navigator. He said he would help and they would meet the party at their boats.

With the new navigator, Noria Cutwater, the party was ready to depart. On their first day out, the party came across a strange symbol, etched into one of the stalactites. A few party members noticed the symbol, as did Noria who made sure to take the boats far away from it.


The next day, the party came into a large cavern, probably a mile across, filled with patches of bio-luminescent fungi. Off to one side, however, there was a dim yellow glow that Noria seemed to recognize. She took the boats over and discovered a smaller cavern. This one only 80 feet across and 60 feet high. It is lit by tall, bizarre, tube like fungi that grow in several clusters around the chamber. They illuminate many two-foot tall, orange and red toadstools, half a dozen four-foot tall gray green four mushrooms, and two massive, forty-foot tall mushrooms (zurkhwood) clustered in the middle of the chamber. Leona also noticed a metal glint coming from the center, near a bubbling puddle of mud. As they got closer, it turned out to be chain mail armor on a dead stone guard. Even though the party has food provisions, they are still traveling with a lot of people and foraging is still a high priority.

They cautiously make their way into the smaller cavern when the mud of the hot spring bubbles, gurgles and pops as they approach. The warmth is palpable. Suddenly, the mud rises up to a height of eight feet, sprouts limbs and a roughly bipedal form, and lunges! Two smaller forms come out of the mud and begin attacking the party. Gerald hits the two smaller ones and they both split into two smaller forms. The larger one ends up engulfing Issander, but he survives as the party defeats the mud creatures. They take some of the fungi for food and Leona inspects the duergar body. The part of the body that was in the mud was being eaten by it, leaving nothing from the waist down but part of the chain mail (of acid resistance).

After being cast asside by Gerald, Dawnbringer has still not recovered. Issander has been trying to revive her with the help of Harbeck and his daylight spells. So far, he has managed to activate Dawnbringer, but her light is dim (candlelight), power weak (a +1 sword), and still not speaking.


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