Out of the Abyss

Nightmare on the Darklake

Is this a Dallas moment?

The party had been traveling for 4 days in circles. They’re lost. They should have found Gracklstugh by now. There’s also this thick fog that makes navigation difficult. They start bickering. The boat repair begins to fail when the boats go down some minor rapids and the end up beached on an island. A bit of a blessing in disguise since it will make repairing the boat easier.

The group makes repairs to the boat and camps for the night. During the night, a group of duergar come from the far side of the island and it looks to be the same group of duergar they met a few days ago on the empty ship. They reveal that they have brought Ilvara Mizzrym with them who wishes to recapture the party. She begins by thanking “her” for helping out. A traitor! Ilvara asks the traitor to step forward to claim her promise of delivering her to the surface. Eldeth Feldrun takes a few steps forward and then all hell breaks loose.


kaelad kaelad

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