Out of the Abyss

Slayed the Medusa

... but Gerald is stoned

Aftermath of ghost encounter

  • Chen was tired and needed to rest after aging 30 years
  • Chen went back to the Foaming Mug and took the ghost’s bones back to the crypt
  • Gerald came back and joined the party

So many drow!

  • The party went up a staircase to the left, just past the lake
  • Staircase up lead to a large room
  • Went into a cave to the right, a large room with 25 drow statues (petrified)
  • In comes a huge dust cloud that begins spinning and pulling up rocks from the ground (Ogremach’s Bane)
  • Ogremach’s Bane slams PCs with rocks and animates the drow statues
  • Ogremach’s Bane leaves the room and seems to disapate

Gerald is stoned

  • party investigates the other cave entrance
  • Alyndra gets excited/anxious/giddy at seeing a drow woman in the room
  • after the party catches up and storms the room, they realize she’s not a drow anymore, but a medusa
  • Issander goes right up to her, conjuring a mirror to reflect her gaze
  • the medusa uses a Tentacle Rod (DMG 208) that’s made of snakes on Issander and hits with all three
  • towards the end of combat, Gerald is caught by the gaze and immediately petrified
  • the party kills the medusa


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