Out of the Abyss

Got 'Em

The party captured Droki and boy, was he unhappy. He was frothing at the mouth, they had to knock him out and black-bag him just to transport him to Captain Errde Blackskull. She took him into custody and took back the party’s badges. Well, except Leona Prax who stole hers back. The captain held up her end of the bargain and told them to that Wertz Saltbarron knows how to get to the surface.

The party decided to go back to Hgraam the Stonespeaker to tell him about the toenail clippings they found on Droki. Since he’s a courier, Hgraam asked the party to investigate who the toenail clippings were for and what they were up to. They seemed reluctant so he offered to teach them some meditation techniques and give a blessing to help them avoid the madness in the Whorlstone Tunnels.


kaelad kaelad

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