Out of the Abyss

Into the Asylum

a.k.a. Derro country

Discovering the Whorlstone Tunnels

The party went into the West Cleft District of Gracklstugh to track down Droki. They came face-to-face with the insanity the derro suffer from. They live in squalor, talk to themselves, foam at the mouth, and have a complete lack of city planning. If you’re not careful, you can get lost down an alley.

The party came across a woman who was coherent enough to talk. She told them of derro watching over them (i.e. a ruling class) and about an entrance to some strange place. She offered to take the party there, but didn’t want to leave her baby behind. Chen offered to stay behind and babysit, but of course there was no child. The woman took them through other houses, down alleyways, and after 30 minutes, to a place about a couple of blocks away from their original starting point.

Between a cluster of hovels in West Cleft lies the most well-used entrance to the Whorlstone Tunnels. A narrow fissure in the chasm wall is hidden by scraps of cloth, gray sheets of canvas, and moldy boxes. The entrance also leaks wisps of eerie fog. The fissure is tall and wide enough for a Medium creature to squeeze through the first 10 feet, and then widens to 5 feet wide, continuing with a gentle downward slope. The party goes back and gets Chen and they proceed into the Whorlstone Tunnels.

Reuniting with Buppido

There’s an opening on the right side of the tunnel that opens up into a cavern. As the party venture into the cavern, a stench of rotting meat rises. The floor is carpeted with humanoid remains in varying stages of decomposition, arranged in a spiral pattern around the cave’s center. An off-key humming comes from a hunched figure working busily at something on the floor.
“Oh, there you are!” The figure is Buppido. He wipes his hands on his vest and smiles viciously. “I didn’t expect you to find me here, with my shrine nearly finished! And power! My faithful are finally honoring me! Are you …? Yes. Yes, I sense that you are ready to recieve my truth into your hearts!”"

After the combat, the ghost of a deep gnome named Pelek pokes its head up out of the ground, blinks, and then emerges fully. It’s a friendly ghost who tells the party that Buppido killed him not too long ago, then chopped him into pieces to join the other body parts in the shrine. He asks the party to take his remains to Blingdenstone and bury his remains there, so his spirit can rest. However, it’s impossible to tell which body parts are his. He tells the party that the magic down here animated one of his severed hands, and it scuttled away through one of the narrow tunnels. It can be recognized by the obsidian ring it’s wearing.

Parade of Fools

The party go back into the tunnel outside Buppido’s cave and see up ahead a large black pool of water. The other shore is about 100 feet away, so they decide to go back into the cave and travel through the tunnel at the back. The tunnel opens into a natural cave, wherein you see several fungal creatures dancing to a silent tune. Three of them stand five feet tall, while the others are half as tall. One of the small ones stands apart from the rest, its movements not nearly as frantic. Hunched nearby are two larger creatures that resemble apes covered with mushroom growths and yellow mold.

The party cautiously enters the cave and try to communicate with them. One of the adult myconids steps forward and releases spores, allowing them to talk. He introduces himself as Voosbur, and it begins to tell the party of its “troupe” was attracted by the mushrooms in these tunnels. They didn’t wander in here, rather they travelled “through the Lady’s dream.” She’s a powerful being that loves and guides all myconids. After tlaking with Voosbur some more, they realize it is referring to Zuggtmoy. Voosbur offers to share “the Lady’s gift” with the party. The party understands it works similarly to the spell tree stride, just through mushrooms instead of trees. They decline and Voosbur doesn’t seem offended, maybe a little disappointed, but not offended.

The party notices the wallflower, the myconid sprout in the corner. They approach and it introduces itself as Rumpadump. He hasn’t accepted “the Lady’s gift” and didn’t really want to come here. Turns out, it’s friends with Stool and asks to come along with the party. They discretely leave with Rumpadump and make there way through another tunnel on the other side of the cave.


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