Out of the Abyss

Welcome to Gracklstugh

The long journey on the Darklake is over, for now. The party has arrived in Gracklstugh, greeted by the warmth, smell, and smoke of its forges. Finding a small outcropping as a makeshift dock, the group quietly docks their boats. Greeting them was a group of Stone Guards. One of them stepped forward as the party thought he may be a harbormaster or someone looking for docking fees. He was, but in the form of a bribe. He asked for way too much, then all of a sudden, seemingly forgot what he was talking about and just turned around and left. Hmm… strange.

The NPCs stayed with the boats, some of them because they didn’t want to travel in the city and others out of responsibility. The PCs began their shopping trip, making their way to the Blade Bazaar. As they were nearly done, something large came crashing through a gate: a stone giant with a second head. Not like an ettin, where it seems like it’s meant to have two heads. This was more like an extra head off one shoulder. The PCs took down the giant and killed it. Soon after, some Stone Guards showed up and started asking questions. Another stone giant appeared, this time with a single head, asking what happened. The PCs explained that they had to put him down, then the Stone Guard “invited” the PCs for questioning.

The Stone Guard took the PCs to Overlake Hold, put them in an room and locked the door. They were in there for a few hours before Captain Errde Blackskull showed up to give them an offer they couldn’t refuse: track down a derro named Droki, find out what he is doing, who he is talking to, where he goes, and if the opportunity presents itself, capture him alive. The Captain gives the party some badges that should allow them to move more freely through Gracklstugh, maybe even into parts that that are normally off limits to outsiders. The Captain tells the PCs that Droki is usually spotted in the Blade Bazaar and chased to the West Cleft District, which is off limits to duergar such as herself and her Stone Guards.


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